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Cleveland 4 Solidarity Network “Long Term Support Fund”

Cleveland 4 Solidarity Network “Long Term Support Fund”

The Cleveland 4 Solidarity Network is announcing a new “Long Term Support Fund”.

We really need to get what donations we can by the middle of next month. Wepay is pretty much shutting down and we’re not sure if we’ll be able to collect donations for a bit. Without these donations the Cleveland 4 can’t get enough food to stay health, Get calls home, letters out, do their laundry or get clothes to stay warm, or even get hygienic needs.
If anyone can pitch in a few dollars it would be great. We need to keep the Cleveland 4 donations going until we can find a solution to the wepay problem. Donations can come go here (https://www.wepay.com/donations/cleveland-4-support)

The Cleveland 4 Solidarity Network is announcing a new “Long Term Support Fund”. Because our struggle is far from over, we are looking for folks to pledge whatever they can on a monthly basis to help us ensure that our friends can survive the pain and violence of the prison system with as much dignity as possible.

If we can raise $500/mo (125 Each), we can ensure that the 4 have a means to communicate with the outside world and participate in other struggles, to have a creative means of expression, have warm clothes and shoes when they need them, extra food when it’s necessary, have regular visits from comrades and family, and other basic niceties that we all tend to take for granted on the outside. This will also allow us to build up a fund for various incidental fees from the prison and court systems that appear to pop out of nowhere all the time. In the unlikely event that any is leftover when they are all free, we will gladly throw down to support other imprisoned survivors of state repression.

If folks are willing to throw down to help make this happen, we can quit worrying about funds and focus on supporting Connor, Brandon, Doug and Skelly in the many other ways that are needed – legal, emotional, and otherwise.

* The first 4 folks to pledge $50/mo or more will receive a copy of any book from Combustion press that they choose, as well as a Cleveland 4 Tshirt.



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