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Impromptu Rally for Casey Brezik at Nixon Speech

Of course the news only prints half of the story. An impromptu rally for anarchist prisoner Casey Brezik was held on July 31st 2014 outside the St Joseph (MO) Family Guidance Center as Missouri Gov Nixon discussed a stop-gap program to paper over his long history of budget cuts to mental health.

In 2010, anarchist-communist Casey Brezik planned to assassinate Gov Nixon but he instead mistakenly attacked the Dean of Penn Valley Community College in Kansas City where Nixon was scheduled to speak. Several years earlier, Casey was diagnosed as schizophrenic, and if quality mental health funding were not gutted, it is possible Casey wouldn’t be in prison. (This isn’t to say we should rely on state funding for modes of tenderness, but serves to show how it repeatedly has failed us. For an anti-capitalist approach to mental health, check out Rad Brains in the Bay Area. )

Nixon’s cuts specifically ended the substance detox program at the Family Guidance Center and serve to place the role of mental health caregiver on cops. The new stop-gap program provides “mental health liaisons” to law enforcement in hopes that they won’t shoot more suicidal people unable to get treatment.

It is important to realize that anarchist prisoners are paying the price for our resistance. They are in there for us. Don’t forget them.https://kansascityabc.wordpress.com/prisoners-abckc-supports/social-movement-prisoners/casey-brezik/abc news



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