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Eric King jury trial set

EDIT 11/4/15 Eric’s trial has been moved to March 8th, 2016

Eric’s accelerated jury trial is set for July 13 2015. Eric’s current and urgent needs are commissary funds, and a full time lawyer. He can receive and has requested visits.

Eric G. King, a 28-year-old vegan anarchist, was arrested and charged with an attempted firebombing of a government official’s office in Kansas City, MO. Eric allegedly threw a hammer through a window of Emmanuel Cleaver’s Kansas City office and then through two lit bottles inside, though both failed to ignite.

Eric was identified as a suspect by local police because he had previously come under suspicion for anti-government and anti-police graffiti. Eric is allegedly involved with the the Kansas City Fight Back insurrectionist collective.

Eric is currently being held in the Corrections Corporation of America’s Leavenworth Detention Center. Eric’s accelerated jury trial is set for July 13 2015. SupportEricKing.wordpress.com

Eric King
CCA Leavenworth
100 Highway Terrace
Leavenworth, KS 66048




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