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Book wish list for Eric King

Books from *PM Press, AK Press, and Little Black Cart would be best. Books do have to be from a publisher, otherwise they will get returned. As is standard for prisons, an inmate can only receive a maximum of 3 books in a package. Please let us know if you order a book from the wishlist below, so we can make note. email abckansascity@gmail.com

*Orders from PM Press to any prisoner are 50% off. Make sure you inform them at the time of purchase that its for a prisoner, and that the purchase is addressed to a prisoner.

Eric says he would love to receive any zines or books, but he is specifically interested in Alfredo Bonnono, the Greek insurrectionist; the George Jackson Brigade; any books on or by Kropotkin, and any writings on insurrectionary movements or insurrectionists such as Luigi Galleani, the Galleanists, the Bonnot Gang, Oso Blanco (political prisoner Byron Chubbuck), or the Invisible Committee & Tiqqun to name just a few suggestions.

Eric’s is still pre-trial, and although he identifies as an insurrectionist, please do not ask or talk about the specifics of his case in letters or phone calls, as this could be used against him. His public defender is not prepared for this “unique case” as Eric was informed it would be the PD’s first “you know, your sort of… situation” and he isn’t asking for donations and said “don’t send a dollar that isn’t readily available” but Eric needs a lawyer with experience and the political understanding of anarchist theory.
To send books or write a letter

Eric King
CCA Leavenworth
100 Highway Terrace
Leavenworth, KS 66048



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