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Please Be Thoughtful Regarding What You Send Me: Casey Brezik


Please be thoughtful regarding what you send me. Materials on inciting riots, advocating violence or insulting the pigs will not be allowed in. I’m under heavy surveillance which is almost certain to follow me upon my release. The secret service, FBI, Missouri Highway Patrol and the KCPD served the search warrant on my house. I was already under investigation by the FBI following my expedited deportation from Canada due to my involvement in the G20 protests in June 2010. Three months later I pulled this stunt. They even have an alias I was using as an illegal in Mexico…Interpol revealed my true identity in that case.

It’s not cool when I’m getting pulled out of my cell to be interrogated by the gang task force at the request of some unknown entities. Next time it could very well be a 3 letter agency. So, be smart. If you want to show me solidarity, try to do so without expressing your hatred for those who have control of most every aspect of my life, including whether or not I receive my mail. Just think about what you’re sending me before you send it. I know they have some pretty twisted rules, but that’s just the way it is. Just because you can send me something doesn’t mean you should. User your better judgement please, because chances are if you don’t I’ll be paying the consequences in the long run. Thank you.


Casey Brezik



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