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Casey Brezik

Casey Brezik Fundraiser for College Classes

Casey Brezik is trying to get an associate’s degree between now and his release date in 2020 (or get as much accomplished toward that goal as possible). He plans on taking correspondence courses from prison to meet this goal. His family is covering a portion of the costs associated with his education, but he needs some help covering the gap.

Below is a list of fundraising goals Casey is asking for help with. The correspondence courses listed are sequential, and the first one begins in January. So our initial goal is to raise around $1,026.00 between now and January so that Casey can enroll in Math 1550 through LSU. The remainder of the funds can be gathered slowly over time as Casey works through the courses, so although these numbers seem kind of high, we have some time.

  1. Calculus textbook ($125.00) *Met by ACAB Fest KC
  2. Typewriter ($300.00)
  3. Correspondence courses through LSU:

Math 1550 Analytic Geometry & Calculus 1 ($1,026.00) 5 hrs

Math 1552 Analytic Geometry & Calculus 2 ($827.00) 4 hrs

Math 2057 Multidimensional Calculus ($619.00) 3 hrs

Math 2090 Differential Equations & Linear Algebra ($827.00) 4 hrs

Math 3355 Probability ($619.00) 4 hrs

Textbooks and fees for above courses ($580.00)

  1. 3 months rent estimate ($1500.00)

“This is to provide me with a place to heal and get myself together once released from this shit hole. I know I’m going to need space to think and adjust at my own pace. I’m also adaptable, so I’ll make it with or without. It would just be helpful.”

If you would like to donate to Casey’s fundraising goals,  you can send him money via the Missouri Department of Corrections and their outsourced inmate money transfer provider, Access Corrections. Or, if you would like to send a money order (which can be relatively anonymous) you can write to Casey and ask him to send you a deposit slip.


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