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Conditions of Confinement: New Zine by Kansas City Anarchist Prisoner Casey Brezik


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From The Editors:
“Casey Brezik, an anarchist from Missouri, was arrested in September, 2010 for attacking and slashing the throat of the Dean of the Metropolitan community College-Penn Valley. This zine is a compilation of the personal diary entries that Casey wrote in July of 2015 surrounding the response to an assault on a fellow inmate by the CO’s. The honesty and candor is rare amongst anarchist writings. Moments of revolt, however small, are written far too often without the depth of emotion they deserve. This text speaks of fear and confusion with a vulnerability we often lose in the overly glamorized and one-dimensional writings on revolt. Allegedly, his original target was the Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, who had been slated to speak at the college that day, but had canceled his appearance last minute. Charged with two counts of first-degree assault and two counts of criminal action, Casey was found “incapable” of standing trial in February 2011. He spent the following 11 months locked up in a Missouri Mental Institution. In June of 2013 he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Since his incarceration Casey has seen most of the larger anarchist milieu turn their back on him and his case for a variety of reasons. While we do not implore people on the outside to support some amorphous group of “anarchist prisoners”, we do suggest engaging in a dialogue with Casey about his life and the nearly 10 years he has cumulatively spent as both an anarchist and a prisoner. If you do want to help him transition to life outside of prison, please visit his support site or write us to donate to his release fund.”
-causerie editing crew



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