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Statement from the Eric King Support Crew Regarding His Sentencing

“This has been a really fucking long and hard journey. CCA sucks. It is a horrible, horrible place. They have done everything imaginable just to drain all of the life and soul out of everyone here. I have been incredibly fortunate to have some many people come into my life and take a stand with me so that I didn’t have to face this shit alone. I have seen how difficult prison can be when you don’t have a support team and don’t have folks in your corner. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody but unfortunately it is the reality for most. The system breeds such an environment.“ Continue reading


Eric King Sentencing Set: Tuesday, June 28, 11:30am

The sentencing date for Eric has been set for Tuesday, June 28th at 11:30am. Help us pack the courtroom! Continue reading

US prisons: June 11th statement by Casey Brezik

I’m for prisoner support systems. Support is comfort, but comfort from people that care about us rather than people who would rather beat us and look for reasons and excuses to take away what comforts we have. It’s comparable to at least psychological child abuse within these walls. They wish us no good. Some may be indifferent, but there are no well-wishers despite their words. From the outside is where our true comfort comes from. Continue reading