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Casey Brezik

Write to Anarchist Prisoner Casey Brezik While He’s in Segregation

*Additional Update: Casey has been released from Ad-Seg!

 *UPDATE: As of August 23, 2016, Casey’s caseworker is saying that they have no idea when Casey will be released from Ad-Seg or whether he will be there for a long time or not. They also say that he is not allowed to receive any books while he is in the hole. Please take a moment to print out an article of some sort to send to him in the mail to help him pass the time. Make sure the article’s content is non-inflammatory and only send five sheets of paper (printed front and back is fine) per envelope. He has been in the Ad-Seg unit since July 17th and is almost certainly getting bored of the few items he was allowed to bring down there.

We have just received word that Casey is in the hole. Unfortunately, this news has reached us late and he has probably been there for a little while. So if you haven’t heard from Casey in a while, he may not have your address to write you as he probably doesn’t have access to his property.

Please take a minute to write to Casey or send him a card or article for him to read while he’s there. According to his caseworker, he hopefully won’t be in segregation a whole lot longer, but please reach out to him just in case.

Write to Casey:
Casey Brezik #1154765
Northeast Correctional Center
13698 Airport Road
Bowling Green, Missouri 63334




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