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Anything is Possible: Continuing the Discussion of Anarchist Space Travel with Casey Brezik

In my last post, I made a plea for Anarchists in Space. Since then, I’ve received letters from people who support the concept and even some just speaking about the concept. I think this is good. It’s a start. However, it’s not an end. I want to develop a means to an end to transform my and others’ dream into a reality. Continue reading


Benefit for Anarchist Prisoner Casey Brezik

Wednesday night, folks gathered at PG coffeehouse in Evansville to bring awareness to the inhumanness of incarceration and to raise money for anarchist prisoner Casey Brezik, who plans to use the money to pursue classes toward an engineering degree. Continue reading

Write to Anarchist Prisoner Casey Brezik While He’s in Segregation

Please take a minute to write to Casey or send him a card or article for him to read while he’s there. According to his caseworker, he hopefully won’t be in segregation a whole lot longer, but please reach out to him just in case. Continue reading

A Message From Eric to his Supporters and Info on his Recent Transfer

On Friday morning Eric boarded a plane, leaving C.C.A. Leavenworth behind for good. He was transferred to the Grady County Jail in Chickasha, Oklahoma, which is the facility the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) uses to house prisoners during transfer when the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City is full. Continue reading

US General Strike September 9th

Prisons are nothing more than a form of social control. A warehouse for those who refuse to function as cogs in the US death machine, for those who are a surplus population in times of mass unemployment, for those otherized by white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy, for slaves in the modern day US plantations. Continue reading

Eric King Turns 30 on August 2nd

This year has already been full of changes for EK; from getting married, to being sentenced to 10 years in federal prison, to one day soon getting moved to his designated facility, to now turning 30. His journey really does seem to be full of transitions. There are some tough, unexpected ones that he faces head on, and some that are just exciting. One thing we know for sure is that there are good things in the work amidst all the intensity. Continue reading

Feeling Forgotten Feels Worst Than Dying” A Poem by Eric King in Solidarity with Chelsea Manning

Via: SupportEricKing.org They take away your voice you loose touch with yourself. If you aren’t moving forward do we even exist? Instagram, tinder, never made a hashtag. Everyone is street walking playing Pokemon Go I don’t even have a phone. It’s so easy to feel alone Feeling Forgotten Feels worse than dying. They turned your … Continue reading

Statement from the Eric King Support Crew Regarding His Sentencing

“This has been a really fucking long and hard journey. CCA sucks. It is a horrible, horrible place. They have done everything imaginable just to drain all of the life and soul out of everyone here. I have been incredibly fortunate to have some many people come into my life and take a stand with me so that I didn’t have to face this shit alone. I have seen how difficult prison can be when you don’t have a support team and don’t have folks in your corner. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody but unfortunately it is the reality for most. The system breeds such an environment.“ Continue reading

Eric King Sentencing Set: Tuesday, June 28, 11:30am

The sentencing date for Eric has been set for Tuesday, June 28th at 11:30am. Help us pack the courtroom! Continue reading

US prisons: June 11th statement by Casey Brezik

I’m for prisoner support systems. Support is comfort, but comfort from people that care about us rather than people who would rather beat us and look for reasons and excuses to take away what comforts we have. It’s comparable to at least psychological child abuse within these walls. They wish us no good. Some may be indifferent, but there are no well-wishers despite their words. From the outside is where our true comfort comes from. Continue reading