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Anything is Possible: Continuing the Discussion of Anarchist Space Travel with Casey Brezik

In my last post, I made a plea for Anarchists in Space. Since then, I’ve received letters from people who support the concept and even some just speaking about the concept. I think this is good. It’s a start. However, it’s not an end. I want to develop a means to an end to transform my and others’ dream into a reality. Continue reading


Benefit for Anarchist Prisoner Casey Brezik

Wednesday night, folks gathered at PG coffeehouse in Evansville to bring awareness to the inhumanness of incarceration and to raise money for anarchist prisoner Casey Brezik, who plans to use the money to pursue classes toward an engineering degree. Continue reading

Write to Anarchist Prisoner Casey Brezik While He’s in Segregation

Please take a minute to write to Casey or send him a card or article for him to read while he’s there. According to his caseworker, he hopefully won’t be in segregation a whole lot longer, but please reach out to him just in case. Continue reading

US prisons: June 11th statement by Casey Brezik

I’m for prisoner support systems. Support is comfort, but comfort from people that care about us rather than people who would rather beat us and look for reasons and excuses to take away what comforts we have. It’s comparable to at least psychological child abuse within these walls. They wish us no good. Some may be indifferent, but there are no well-wishers despite their words. From the outside is where our true comfort comes from. Continue reading

Conditions of Confinement: New Zine by Kansas City Anarchist Prisoner Casey Brezik

Casey Brezik, an anarchist from Missouri, was arrested in September, 2010 for attacking and slashing the throat of the Dean of the Metropolitan community College-Penn Valley. This zine is a compilation of the personal diary entries that Casey wrote in July of 2015 surrounding the response to an assault on a fellow inmate by the CO’s. The honesty and candor is rare amongst anarchist writings. Continue reading

Anarchists In Space: Casey Brezik

There are billions of stars within our known universe. Many of these stars possess at least one planet, many have multiple planets. Some seem to be habitable. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that there are thousands, even millions of planets out there that we could live on. Given the vast number of stars and the chaos involved in creating them as well as their planets, why shouldn’t we believe that there is a planet out there for each one of our exotic imaginations? There’s no way to say for sure, but it is possible. Continue reading

Casey Brezik Fundraiser for College Classes

Casey Brezik is trying to get an associate’s degree between now and his release date in 2020 (or get as much accomplished toward that goal as possible). He plans on taking correspondence courses from prison to meet this goal. His family is covering a portion of the costs associated with his education, but he needs some help covering the gap. Continue reading

The Short Story of How I Got Here: Casey Brezik

For sometime prior to my actions that led me back into this cage, I became determined to stop treating life as though we weren’t at war. I didn’t want to be complacent to their program only at those times when they were “overly” aggressive or “out of line.” The notion that we’re at odds with them and subjected to “use of force” any time we’re not complacent or passive should be enough to be considered “out of line.” They’ll resort to violence without need and still be considered justified. Continue reading

“A Little Bit of So Much Me” Greetings From Missouri Anarchist Prisoner Casey Brezik

I’m an anarchist because I’ve seen so much unnecessary suffering and recognize its roots in a system of deception and exploitation. I’m an anarchist because I feel I’ve opened my eyes and instead of simply conforming, I find more value and meaning in resisting. Frivolous on the grander scale, maybe, but relevant to my inner peace and being right with myself. I’m an anarchist because I have a lot of love for people and hate to see anyone being oppressed because of who they are, where they come from, or whatever other reason people come up with to justify their actions. I believe in the underdog because I am the underdog, as so many of us are. Continue reading