Write to Skinny:
Robert Mahone 255-225
P.O. Box 45699
Lucasville, OH 45699

Robert “Skinny” Mahone is being tortured by staff at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility (Home to the Lucasville Uprising). Skinny has been abused by staff before, this is a continuation of that abuse. In the past Skinny has had his genitals pepper sprayed without reason, now he is being forced to wear the same dirty clothes for weeks while he is attempting to heal from a broken jaw.

An account of what happened to Skinny last time can be found here: http://seanswain.org/the-hunger-conspiracy/

An account of what happened to Skinny this time can be found here: http://seanswain.org/shitville-sticking-it-to-robert-mahone-hunger-conspirator-buried-in-medical-dungeon-with-broken-jaw-wearing-same-underwear-for-weeks-seeks-help-for-lawsuit-against-odrc-and-jpay/



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