Uhuru Rowe

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Uhuru B. Rowe
BCC PO Box 430
Dillwyn Virginia

“I have been incarcerated in the state of Virginia for over twenty consecutive years – since the age of eighteen.  I am serving a ninety-three year sentence without the possibility of parole for a robbery I participated in that resulted in the murders of two innocent human beings.  Though I did not possess a firearm during this crime, I have accepted full responsibility for my actions.  I am currently working to redeem myself and regain my freedom while at the same time working to end the systems of mass incarceration and police brutality that has overwhelmingly affected poor people and people of color.

During my incarceration, I have evolved into a writer/essayist, poet and activist.  I was born and raised in the city of Richmond, Virginia.  The sun of my lovely mother and deceased farther, the youngest brother to three sisters and three brothers (one deceased) and an uncle to several nieces and nephews (including several grand-nieces and nephews).

I decided to start this blog because it is a good way for me to keep my thoughts ordered and balanced, sort out my feelings, help me to process and heal from the tragic even in my life, while speaking and sharing my thoughts with others.  Prison is an extremely isolating place where incarcerated people often feel profoundly alone and vulnerable.”


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